Our garden and pots have many enemies and are affected by very dangerous, sometimes, diseases as a result of the reckless intervention of man in the balance of nature. In particular, man destroyed the natural vegetation, which contained many species of plants and cultivated large areas with one species or related species, so the microorganisms that preferred them, found suitable soil and multiplied excessively.When he began to fight them, he did not implement a comprehensive control program but dealt with them opportunistically, not using appropriate methods or pesticides, resulting in the extermination of some while leaving others free to grow (eg insects and blackflies) or develop resilient strains. But because this situation continues and at the same time because the pollution of the environment is not reduced, it is predicted that even these few virgin areas that are left will be infected. Sooner or later, the grower will be forced to intervene trying to save his crops and plants.

Choosing the right pesticide for each case is just one part of dealing with pests and diseases. The other part is the application of the preparation in the appropriate way recommended by the expert agronomists and is indicated on the packaging of pesticides, ie the season of application, the recommended dissolution, the meticulous spraying or dusting and the precautionary measures.